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Brant County is home to "famous firsts" which include the first long distance telephone call; and the co-founder of the International Women's Institute Movement. Spend the day enjoying the many historical and cultural attractions in Brant.

County of Brant Heritage Driving Tour
After years of research, writing and documenting, the heritage brochure covers over 130 properties, with a total tour length of over 200 kilometres. The tour has been broken into sections covering various areas of the County. The tour lists only some of the highlights found within the County of Brant such as the Bell Homestead, the Battle of Malcolm Mills, site of the last land battle on Canadian soil against a foreign power and the home of poetess E. Pauline Johnston on Six Nations and the beautiful downtowns of St. George, Paris and Burford. As you travel, you will also see many sites not listed, but of equal value and a rich and diverse architecture and landscape. The Brochure will be distributed to area stores, museums and tourist attractions free of charge - click the link to order your free copy!

Bell Homestead
Phone: (519) 756-6220In 1910, the house and surrounding lands became a memorial to Alexander Graham Bell's achievements in telephone history, opening its doors to the general public. Restoration and an extensive collection of Bell family heirlooms, including furniture, paintings, china, silver and books, have revived the home's 1870's appearance, affording visitors a glimpse of a lifestyle led by this conservative, upper-middle class family.

Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead
Phone: (519) 448-1130Visit the birthplace of the co-founder of the International Women's Institute Movement! Travel back in time at this interactive historic house! Visitors have the unique opportunity to view original artifacts from the mid-1800s, dress in period costumes, play the antique organ, amongst other activities. Special programs can be arranged for group visits including old-fashioned ice cream making or picnics on the front lawn.

Cobblestone of Paris
(519) 442-0729Paris is home to 13 cobblestone buildings. A truly magnificent architectural sight unique within Southern Ontario! Mason Levi Boughton inspired Paris' Cobblestone technique in the mid to late 1800s. The cobblestone structures are a testament to precision and skill. Cobblestones are approximately the size of a sweet potato; when counting researchers estimate over 14,000 cobblestones were required to build a traditional farmhouse.

Paris Performers Theatre
Area actors perform plays written and directed locally on a yearround basis. See our special events page for a list of upcoming performances.

Paris Plains Church Concert Series
Musical performances in a traditional cobblestone church throughout the summer and fall.

Community Museums
For those visitors interested in tracing their genealogy or learning more about the history of communities within the County of Brant, there are a variety of community museums open to the public:

The Harley Museum is located west of Highway 24 and is open to the public from 1-4pm every Thursday afternoon. The Museum provides visitors with an understanding of the agricultural way of life in the former Burford Township. Call Marge at (519) 449-2310 for any additional information.

The Paris Museum and Historical Society: Visit the museum and archive operated by the Paris Museum and Historical Society located at 15 Curtis Avenue North in Paris. The museum showcases thematic displays and artifacts depicting the history of our community and surrounding area. Extensive research material is available in the archive. Winter hours are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Summer hours are Monday to Friday 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. For information call 519-442-9295 or visit www.parishistoricalsociety.com

The St.George Museum, located in downtown St.George, invites visitors to explore their family history and trace the roots within the agriculturally based community of St.George and the Township of South Dumfries.Six Nations TourismA glimpse into the Six Nations aboriginal culture can be found at www.sixnationstourism.com

City of Brantford provides visitors with unique history and culture, great museums and art galleries!

For more information, please visit the official Brant site at http://www.county.brant.on.ca.

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