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You have plans to visit Canada. If you are coming from United States, you may have a misconceptions of using US dollars here, (beleive me, some people do...) It is most benefitial for your wallet to stick to Canadian dollars When you are here, so make sure that you have Canadian money on hand when you arrive.

The best place to exchange money is at your own bank, back home. If you did not do that before you left, you can still change your bank notes into Canadian Currency at the border crossing, or at the airport or port of call. Once you arrive in Canada, and still only have your own country's currency it is best to go to any Canadian Chartered Bank, Trust Company or Credit Union. Those should give you the best exchange rate.

In recent times, when Canadian dollar was not as strong as US currency, it was commonly practiced by some hotels, store operators, restaurants and other venders to accept US dollars at a pre-set rate. That means that your money will be accepted, but usually at the rate that is beneficial to the person on the other side of the counter. To get the most out of your dollars, be sure to exchange at the bank or foreign currency counter at the border.

It may also be beneficial to you to use Your credit card, as credit card purchases are converted to your local currency at the bank exchange rate.

Travelers Cheques in Canadian dollars are the safest and best way to carry your vacation funds. They are accepted at most establishments and can be cashed at banks, foreign exchange brokers and stores. When planning to cash your Canadian Travelers Checks, be sure to have a valid, identification with picture on hand.

Currency Denominations:

Notes - $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $1,000
Coins - $.01(penny), $.05(nickel),$.10(dime), $.25(quarter), $1.00(loonie), $2.00(toonie)

In Canada, most banks are open from 10am to 4pm on weekdays. Some branches are also open evenings and Saturdays. If you are stuck after hours with empty pockets, all you need to do is find an ATM - Automated Bank Machine, here you will have 24 hour access to your funds. Most stores, hotels, restaurants and government institutions are equipped with automated with interac machines that allow you to pay for your purchases using you bank account access card. Some merchants charge a small, additional fee to use this service or reserve the right to set a minimum purchase amount to use this service.

Almost all places you visit, where you will be spending money accept a wide range of Credit and Charge cards. Be sure to contact your credit card provider if you have questions about locations, limits, insurance etc. Do your homework before you pack your bags, pick up some canadian currency before you leave and once you get here, have fun!

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