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Few years back, Canadian Government realized the need to add another long weekend to our calendar. Family Day became a reality in 2007. It gave Ontario families an opportunity to take a much deserved break in an already long winter.

Ontario Family Day is a statutory holiday on the third Monday of February.

Family day allows Ontario families an opportunity to take time out of their often hectic winter schedules to spend a restful or not-so-restful weekend together.

Our winters are long and for some people quite dreadful. Not everyone enjoys the snow and cold. But most of us do the best with what we have. Sometimes winter here can last 6 month, and when you have to spend those 6 months commuting to work in the sleet and snow, often stuck in traffic on a highway that just closed due to an accident… every opportunity to stay home or hit the slopes is a welcomed one. Believe me.

Canadian Winter, Eh?

Our winters can be treacherous and cold beyond belief, especially for someone who is used to much milder conditions of European winters. But we love what our winter has to offer. And when the weather is 30 below, it most likely is also dry and crisp. Perfect conditions for skiing and boarding.

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