Ontario Bed and Breakfast 

Ontario Bed and Breakfast... You always wanted to stay in a Bed and Breakfast... Your dream is about to come true. After hours spend on the road, fighting traffic, you are finally here.

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You enter secluded, forest property located on the shore of a small lake. The snow-covered branches of the majestic blue spruce, growing by the side of the driveway, hang low above the ground.

The small pond in the distance is covered with ice and two ducks struggle to stay on their feet, wobbling funny while they walk.Ontario Bed and Breakfast

The silence of the air speaks to your and you can't imaging being anywhere else in this moment of peace.

Your soul is longing for this solitude and your body can not wait to unwind and to forget all the worries of the city that you took with you on this escape...

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So you follow, the long, winding driveway, deep into the forest and at last you see the house. Charming, Victorian, with light colored walls, wrap-around porch, and shutters painted light, dusty blue. It is just like you imagined it.

You love the setting, the house is just like the one in your dream and so you finally stop the car in front of the main door, gently wake up your spouse, who exhausted, dozed off halfway through the trip to this winter paradise. You turn off the engine, open the door and quietly walk inside the house...

You too can have moments like this all it takes is a bit of planning and knowing where to look.

In the Blue Mountain region, and more specifically in Collingwood area, one of those perfect places for such blissful moments is the Heathcote Haven Bed & BreakfastOntario Bed and Breakfast

With the charm of the county style accommodations and favorable comments and reviews, from previous visitors... you can rest assured that your stay there will be just what you needed.

Perhaps you are looking for a different style of grandeur and glamour, be sure to visit the Red Hills B&B, here the views of the surrounding vistas will take your breath away. You can read the reviews here. Still not enough? How about the Summit Ridge? This is yet another charmer of an era gone by... here you will find peace and quiet, to get away from it all. 

The description above is pure fiction, but if you think that places like this don't exist, you are mistaken.

The Bed and Breakfast industry has been growing steadily in Ontario, for many years. There are places that will cater to your every need and make you fill at home right in your own city. If you just need to get away for one night, to relax a bit.

But more importantly, Bed and Breakfasts of Ontario's back country will save your sanity if you need some peace and quiet further away from daily hassles and usual, hectic obligations.

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