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Ontario Winter travel tips: winter car care, winter driving techniques, driving schools and workshops and every thing else you need to survive Ontario winter on the road.

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Your safety, the safety of your family and others on the road should always be of first and up-most importance.

When planning your winter vacation in Ontario, you need to remember that we are in what most would consider NORTH. (We do have summers too) But winter takes over for many months so just get your car ready for treacherous roads and come-on up! You can have a blast in our winter paradise.

When planning your Ontario winter travel escapades, you need to consider your destinations, the route you plan to take and the mode of transportation.

Why Travel by Car in Ontario? Even with the ever rising gas prices, your own car or van is still the most economical way to travel within North America.

The following example is a proof that Ontario winter travel can be fun and budget wise:

A family of four was planning a skiing trip from Barrie to Mt. Tremblant in Quebec, in the early January. They researched the possibilities and learned that the cost to travel by plane , on the most affordable carrier available, would be close to $900.00. That’s just to get from Toronto to Montreal. Then, they added the cost of travel to the airport, (either by car or bus) and then the cost of car rental for 5 days in Montreal to take them to the ski resort in Tremblant. Finally, the decision was made to drive there and back. The saving of over 66% were applied to this families’ skiing and accommodation budget.

Cost can be a major reason for choosing your car over another way of "getting there". We all can come up with many negative aspects of Ontario winter car travel, but let’s discuss the positive ones now.

Convenience of going at your own pace.

You get there, when you get there. If you need to stop on the way, because your kid, needs to pee right NOW… or just because, you need to stretch your legs, you can do that when ever. The excitement of adventure and discovery while you visit new places on the way. The "getting there" part can be enjoyable and fun for every one in the car. I know, you all will be tired, but… you would be exhausted even if you took the plane. Another, big positive is the ability to be creative and accommodating.

If your winter vacation plans include a loooooong trip, and if your van is big enough, consider taking other family members with you. (Cousins, brothers, sisters, maybe even parents)

We always find couple of thrilled family members, who jump on the opportunity to tag along with us. Not only it’s fun to spend long driving hours with all of them, it is also easier on the driver. Now you have 3 or 4 people who can drive when you are tired. Again, not only it’s fun, it is also safer too.

You bought your car to drive it, so use it for your benefit, don't hide it in the garage, use it before it gets old. If you think it is better, to leave your car at home and rent something bigger... Now you can save big with weekend rental car deals.

All things considered it is better to drive, unless you go by yourself, the only car available to you is 7-passenger minivan, and none of your friends and family can join you. Then… you should Fly WestJet and Save all the way to your destination. To book your flight, visit Expedia.com

So travel by car if you can, explore all that Ontario has to offer during this beautiful season, but do it wisely, be prepared and stay safe.

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