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Have you ever treated your spouse to Romantic Getaways in the beauty of Canadian Winter? Did the day, when you married the love of your life, ended the romance? Well now is the time to make the fire burn hot again. And you can have lots of fun in the process too! Romantic Getaways and Retreats found here will make your dreams come true again and again. Cozy, secluded cottage, hot-tub in the mountain resort, perfect setting for little romance.

So pack the essentials, don't forget the candles! You are on your way to bring back the passion and rekindle the love. Any thing you can do to make the relationship seam new and exciting will be good for both of you. Lets remember, that most couples, simply don’t have enough time for themselves.

The daily troubles on your mind, the kids’ practice, the important meeting you simply can not miss. There scarcely is any room for romance and simple being together.

How can you save those little moment just for the two of you?

Remember the excitement of the dating days... When you were in your early twenties and could not wait to see him or her.

There was nothing more important then your sweetheart. Each day of the date (when you were together couple of times a week) was filled with preparation.

The hair had to be just perfect, the make up, the carefully chosen attire. You took time to plan, because the relationship was so precious. The guys took their time to get ready, to look good, to smell just delicious, they planned each date, to surprise and excite us. They new what they wanted to do and where they wanted to take us. Yaah... we all thought that this will last for ever!

Lets forward to the married times.  Most days there is no time to eat dinner together, and we are suppose to be romantic?

Have time for Romantic Getaways ?

How ?

The answer, may seam funny to most, but it is quite simple: Write it in your appointment book! Most of us are very professional about their world, about other people and their time. Once we put something in writing, we stick to it. Why not give the same courtesy to our spouses? After all, they are the most important people in your life! You know you would be lost without him, he knows that without you, the world would just turn to chaos.

So, First Step to claiming back your good life with your spouse, is to schedule couple of Romantic Getaways throughout the year, because every day stress steals the best years of your life and that is simply wrong! So take control, reclaim your time with your love, yes you can! The kids will be fine at the in-laws for the weekend! Lest get back to the bedroom to pack your bags! We are going away for romantic getaways weekend. Are you ready?

This romantic get together should not get you stressed out. Set out to have fun. You do not have to act seductively, if you don’t know how... (not all of us mastered that skill, you know). If you just allow yourself to let go of the stress, be yourself, and smile, you will have time of your life.

Do not think that your romantic getaway must be spend in bed. That is just one part of it! By all means, sleep as long as you want, cuddle, eat a delicious breakfast in bed, read a romantic story together, cuddle again, make love, be wild if you want. But also, get out of your room, and into a hot tub on the snow covered veranda. Perhaps a walk in the forest (don’t forget the snowshoes) would strike your fancy, maybe you love to have some fun on the slopes, or simply on the cross country trail.

Romantic weekend getaway should also include a candle light dinner for two in a secluded, cozy corner of a restaurant or better yet, delivered to your room. With your choice of beverage, and some quiet, slow music of your choice, you will set the mood for a great meal and perhaps an adventure of discovery beyond... in your partner’s arms.

No matter what you choose to do, the assignment for the romantic getaway is to enjoy each other’s company, to listen, to talk. Even holding hands in silence, for so many of us would be something unusual, different and ... romantic in a way.

So what do I pack?  You may ask...

Assuming that you are going to a winter romantic getaway, you will need some cozy flannel pajamas - by some, considered quite sexy and becoming. You may, of course choose to pack your best silky stuff, or the ever popular Nude Sleepwear - Bare Necessities,  but depending on the type of the accommodations, that you chose, you may need something warmer.

The plush, warm robe could also be ideal if you want to lounge comfortably on the sofa by the fireplace all day. The swimming attire and large, fluffy towels, if the resort doesn’t provide those.

You should also pack comfortable weekend clothing, something attractive, jet just cosy enough to go for a walk in. For the evening dancing and diner "out" or... in, of course something special, nice and elegant.

Leave the worries behind... pack your smile!

Remember that you want to honor your spouse by showing her or him how special they are and how special they make you feel. What ever you do on that weekend together, do it for your “other half”. They will notice it and return the favor. You too will feel special and loved.

Make sure, to have a positive mind set, if you leave the house angry, or upset, you will most likely arrive at your destination in a similar mood and possibly ruin your romantic getaway. You don’t want that! Remember how little time you have together, just the two if you, don’t throw it away by arguing about some little things, completely not important and small.

If you are tired of not having time for the person that you share your life with, take action and discover what you are missing. You chose to be together, so do it! Be together, learn each other and enjoy each other. You relationship is the most precious gift, treasure it and protect it. Take your spouse on romantic getaway and see what happens... You may discover that your wife is the most beautiful women in her own way, you may find out that your husband is the most charming man alive and he is... all yours. You may fall in love all over again.

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