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About time you stopped by!  So glad you are here!  I'm Joanna.  Welcome to Winter Vacations Ontario.  I hope you find all that you are looking for right here.  Ontario Winter has so much to offer!  Are you ready to explore the possibilities? 

Who am I? 

I'm probably a bit like you.  I have a family, a great guy for a husband and two adult sons who flew the coop already.  We live in a small hamlet in Central Ontario, North of beautiful Barrie, right next (well almost) to one of my favorite Ontario ski resorts. We are talking literally 5 minutes from doorstep to lift.  

Needless to say, we do ski about 5 times a week.  Because we LOVE it so much! 

About my journey with Winter Vacations Ontario

Ok, let's back up a bit.  About 29 years.  I came to Canada with my parents on one of the coldest nights in late January.  It was freezing at Pearson, and since we were arriving from Greece that was quite mellow, the cold Canadian air was assaulting.  

For next ten years I somehow refused to really "live" in the winter months. The bone-chilling cold was too much for me to handle and so, hibernating through the winter months I waited for the first signs of Spring.  

I met my husband, got married, had two babies and time after time, each winter we all would just veggie inside our apartment in Oakville... until one year in the fall we took a drive to Barrie... and we bought a house there.  It really was out of the blue, we bought a house in the city that was soooo faaaar away from anything that we've known.  

Next winter offered a rude awakening: It came early and stayed well beyond any acceptable norms.  It wasn't easy to stay cooped up in the house for 6 months, but we did it! Our children were just 2 and 4 and this dreaded cold cannot be good for the kids, right?  Few years later my brother started skiing.  Our boys 5 and 7 by then were not easy to entertain in the house, I was looking for avenues to keep them busy. 

One night, on his way to Horseshoe my brother stopped at our house in Barrie and insisted that we have to go with him and try it out.  

Now, I was convinced that he is nuts, that I will most likely kill myself and my kids will surely break all their arms and legs.  But... we went with him anyway.  Read about our first time skiing.   I kind of got hooked on skiing that first night

Why a website?

Kids were growing up, older started training at the Barrie Skating Club and loved it even more than skiing... times were tough in my husband's flooring business and just like many other young families, we needed money.  Since I was homeschooling the boys (my figure skater had a very hectic training schedule, and... let's just say I wasn't impressed with our Canadian educational system), I couldn't work outside of the home, while teaching the kids and managing hubby's business.  

So I set out to find a legitimate, honest, not-too-overwhelming way to bring home some "extra bacon".  

Let me tell you... the research was exhausting.  I invested little money that I had in programs, seminars, guru advice and, oh you know... the useless fluff.   Money was getting tighter, business was slow, like it always is in winter months.  

I was getting desperate for an idea... and finally, on a cold night just before Christmas in 2004, I came across a program that called my name.  How did I built this site?  

Today, I work on this site just to relax, to keep my skills up to date so-to-speak. This is for fun, and if I can get you smiling and intrigued from time to time, that's always an added bonus!  


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