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Once you are done with setting up your Google AdSense account and once Google has approved your application, you are ready to use Google AdSense for earning revenue from your website. Next step is to set up the Adsense Essential Customization to work with the look and feel of your site and individual pages.

For Adsense Essential Customization, just login into your account using your email address and password, click ‘AdSense Setup’ in the top menu and select the product type (i.e. ‘AdSense for Content’ or ‘AdSense for Search’).

You will be presented with various options for customization of your AdSense Ads. Here we will take a look at setting up ‘AdSense for Content’ only (however, the setup for ‘AdSense for Search’ is quite similar and equally easy).

The first thing that you need to choose is the Ad type (Ad unit or link unit). Based on the Ad type you choose, you will need to specify the type of ad (text, image, etc for Ad unit) or number of links per link unit too.

Google AdSense program allows you to use a maximum of three ad units and 1 link unit per web page (and you must use both, in order to maximize your AdSense revenue).

The next thing is to choose the Ad layout. There are various layouts available but large rectangle (336x280) and wide skyscraper (160x600) are preferred over others (since they help get more impressions for you and hence help you make more money).

Customizing the colors of various parts of your AdSense ad is the next thing you need to do. Even though customizing colors is optional (as far as the Google AdSense program is concerned), it’s strongly recommended for making your Ads attractive and more effective. Your choice of colors must be governed by the look and feel of your website so that the Ad doesn’t look out of place.

Sometimes, you may need to simplify the look of your ad and display it in the same color as your text. This is done for two reasons, completely opposite of each other. If the content of your article is of great importance to your visitors, you will try not to distract them from that content by blending the ads with the text.

On the other hand, some publishers have been know to do just that to trick the visitors into thinking that the Google ad is in fact a part of the text, what results in the visitor clicking the ad, and there fore earning commission for the publisher.

These are the essential customizations that you surely need to do before you can start using Google AdSense Ads on your website.

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