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We truly hope that you are enjoying the information, ideas and advice provided on 

All the information provided on our site is free and is available for anyone to read and use as they need.  It has been available free for the last 9 years and will continue to be provided free of charge for as long as possible.  

However, in order for me to continue providing this free information I must utilize alternative sources of income.  I use Advertising and Affiliate links on this website to do just that.  Some of the links on this page will take you to the specific products of the companies that we have chosen to work with. If you purchase something through those links, we will receive a referral fee for that purchase.

I need to stress that the choice that we made while choosing the affiliate companies that we want to promote, were never based on the fact that we are being remunerated for providing links to their pages and products on our site; and the commission or referral fees do not in any way influence the information provided on this site.

Our goal was to provide best information and make recommendations for products and companies we ourselves would be happy to use (and actually do use).

There were other companies that offered greater referral fees, but some of them did not meet our ethical or moral standards.  The value that we wanted to offer our visitors was just not there. 

When you support our sponsors and companies that we recommend you are helping us maintain this website and provide the valuable free information on Winter vacations in Ontario.

Your support is very much appreciated. 

If you wonder about the Google ads that are displayed on our website; those are not chosen by us. We only determine the placement of each ad.  The topic, themes and images are chosen by Google in such a way that they correspond and work with our chosen keywords.  If you ever come across a Google ad that you consider inappropriate, kindly please contact me here

You kind support is always appreciated.  Thank you for coming! 

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