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You decied to try Cross Country Skiing. With so many brand names , styles and price points, how do you make the right choices before you go shopping for your new Nordic equipment?

What is Cross Country Skiing?

Otherwise known as Nordic Skiing, XC Skiing is one of the best aerobic fitness activities. In this sport you will be moving your entire body. The motion is smooth and steady. The movement involves your arms and your legs moving at the same time. With the activity being performed outside in the crisp winter air, it adds to the fitness benefits. Nordic skiing will allow you to have a greatest degree of control, so if you need to start slow, you can do that to ease into the movement. When you feel that your ability and fitness level improved and you are ready for faster, more challenging pace, you can do that also.

The difference between downhill ski equipment and the nordic or cross country equipment is that in the latter the skiers boot is attached to the ski at the toe. In Alpine or downhill skiing the boot is solid, heavier and attached to the ski at the entire length of the foot. The build of the cross country ski will allow the skier the greater ability to venture over the versatile terrain. You will be able to climb as well as go down the slope. The Alpine skis will only allow you to go downhill.

Cross-country skiers in the Selkirk Range, British Columbia, Canada
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Nordic skiing has it’s origins in Europe’s Scandinavian Regions. About 4500 years ago, when it was used solely as a transportation method for people living in the ever snow covered areas. Now days it is practised sport on all the continents.

The Nordic skiing has two styles: the Freestyle and the Diagonal or Traditional Style

Traditional Cross Country Style involves the straight ahead gliding movement usually utilizing the prepared Nordic tracks and trails. This style is much more limited as it keeps the skier on the track and does not allow for venturing into the off track areas.

Freestyle Cross Country Skiing uses the skating or roller blading motion with V-shaped glide, using the edge of the ski. This style allows for exploration of undiscovered terrain, as you don’t need to stay confined to the prepared trail. To find out more about all the equipment available to you, please visit manufacturers below:

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Each of those brands offers increadible selection of models to suit your skiing style, your abilities, preferences and tastes. So get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the cross country skiing, and discover the freedom of the spectacular, white forest trails and the beauty of out Ontario backcountry.

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