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Our skis and snowboards have been ready since September. We love to ski, it truly is our winter passion. The ski rack is installed on our van in early November, just to be ready for the first snow...

If you too, live for the winter weekends and live them out on the slopes, this page is a gold mine of downhill skiing information for Ontario. Ski 

How it all started...

Our skiing adventure began 14 years ago, when we were introduced to fun world of outdoor winter activities. I can hardly believe that after 12 years in Canada, we finally became brave enough to enjoy Canadian winters. 

We lost so much time. All those years I never dreamed of strapping skis to my feet. I was sure I will kill myself trying, so I never did...

Then, one year my brother took me skiing to Horseshoe Resort…. That was fun, I actually managed to get myself off the lift (the smallest one there was…); then impressed him by turning onto the slope. "“How did you know what to do?”" He asked. I had no idea "how" I new, I just did it.

On that first day, we actually graduated from that small slope and went onto the nice, bigger, secluded one with not too many people for me to run over. We spend some time trying to get me out of the bushes, and teaching me how to get up without unbuckling the skis - a task that I never really mastered….

Me, the ever-cold-feet-and-hands, 30-something mother of two was hooked on skiing after that first day! To ski with ease was something so amazing that I had to share the excitement!


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Second time we went, my patient brother had 3 more students to get out of the bushes. There was the possibility that my husband will take down everyone in his way, as he went straight down to the bottom of the hill without turning once. Our boys were ready for bigger slopes within days.

We never looked back. Now we own our ski equipment, we love it and would recommend the brand to anyone: advanced or beginner. No more rental waiting-lines and high rental costs for us.

Our first Skiing Instructor

Those days, our ski stuff really is ready in October, we live few minutes away from St. Louis Moonstone and have season passes, we ski 4-5 times a week. We look forward to our annual 5-7 days trip to a new Ski Resort each year. Few years ago we discovered Massif on St. Lawrence River in Quebec. 12 hour-drive, and best skiing so far! Even 38 degrees below 0 didn’'t scare us away! It truly was a blast. 

Than in 2009 we were lucky enough to spend 7 days at Lake Louse, and ski the Alberta - BC border.  That was unforgettable.

Today, we live 7 minutes from the ski lifts at St. Louis Moonstone... and that's priceless!  Each year we host a skiing weekend in our home for friends and family.  Sometimes we have more people than our home can handle. After all, not everyone wants to sleep on a blow-up mattress right, after all we only have 3 guest bedrooms.  This is why, with a blessing from our friends, we started to research other accommodations in this area so they could come more often and visit with us on the slopes, then finish their weekend in a private, comfortable setting.  What we found was perfect, and it's just minutes from the slopes, check it out here

13 years later at St. Louis Moonstone

If you however, have to travel from afar to enjoy the beauty of the Ontario's best slopes, you can find a selection of great accommodations right here.  If you are looking for something more permanent, something that you could call your own, that be sure to check out the Carriage Ridge Resort and see what they have to offer.    


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