Winter Driving Techniques
for safety on winter roads

Our driving techniques need to change for winter time. When our cars are ready for winter, we must now make sure, that we are too. It’s time to change our driving habits. Remember and use the following winter driving tips in your travels.

Your speed should be reduced, driving style adjusted and road conditions always considered when we leave the safety of the garage or driveway.

Not only the roads are a mess, but also, when days are shorter, the night fall can often surprise us. The bright, white winter landscape will hurt your eyes, so please always use sun glasses, during warm and sunny winter days. And if your eyes are not what they used to be, don’t leave your driving glasses at home, you may be lost without them in the dusk hours filled with disturbing headlight beams splattered on the wet windshields.

So many of us are rushing through the day and never remember to take extra time for winter driving, and to actually implement all the winter driving tips that we learned along the way. We all have places to go and things to do, so please take time to do them safely.

That’s all it takes, slow down, and pay attention to other drivers. Maybe they never changed their all-seasons to the winter tires… or maybe they have no clue how to handle the skid on the snow covered road. Be cautious at all time and come back home, safely.

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