First Time Skiing

Our first time skiing story started when my brother insisted that we get out of the house and try something new.  We used to hibernate throughout winter, as I felt it was way to cold to go outside.  

My Brother and my Best Skiing Instructor

What a ride - first time skiing!

So that first time skiing, my and the boys went with my brother; hubby stayed home. We got to Horseshoe ski resort, rented the boots, the skis and the helmets.  Kids had snowsuits, I was wearing my brothers old ski pants and my winter jacket and I was freezing. 

We got to the top of the smallest hill... you know, that one on the far right, that tiny slope right there by the main parking lot. 

We got on the lift and halfway to the top I realized that I have no clue how to get off the seat!  Somehow, while hyperventilating I managed to jump off at the top before the chair turned to go back down.  Meanwhile my kids were doing just fine!  They were halfway down the hill by the time I realized that I DIDN'T fall!  I even managed to turn by lifting my right foot a bit.  This was cool!  AND, I wan't cold anymore.  Got myself all the way to the bottom of the slope without falling.  

I couldn't get enough!  It was so much fun to go down the hill and feel the crisp air on your cheeks!  I was pushing the envelope with my turns, started to be a bit more brave and daring.  I would go a bit faster each time, turn deeper, sharper... that tiny slope was getting... well... not big enough for me!  

The boys looked like they were born with skis on their feet!  No problems there, other than going down the hill in a perfect straight line not really caring for anyone else in their way.  (That was something we needed to work on - and my brother was a great help there). 

We decided to step it up a bit and try another run.  Getting to the next lift was a challenge, but we did it.  At the end of the night, my brother let me ski down the bigger hill completely on my own.  I did end up in the bushes (head first and mouth full of snow) on one occasion, but had a blast none-the-less! 

And I got hooked that first night skiing!  

Today, I ski with my husband 4-5 times a week!

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