Winter Hair Care Tips for Busy Travelers

hair care
Winter months, time of snow covered beauty, fun on the slopes, crackling, romantic fireplaces... and dry, static, damaged, disastrous hair.

If you think your hair simply has to suffer through the winter, think again... hair care

Not only winter comes at us with hot, dry, indoor-air, then it also hits us with freezing, cold, wet outdoors. We go in and out of homes, cars, malls, the temperature constantly changes, the damage is done. We get really dry hair that breaks easily, is so brittle that it practically falls off our head. hair care

So how do we prevent it? There are simple things you can do to protect your hair during winter time. Your hair care regiments should include right techniques and products.

First and most important, is to use the right styling and hair products for your hair type. Your stylist will be happy to tell you what kind of hair you have. She will also be able to recommend the right products. Please remember, that it is not necessary to use the costly salon stuff. You can have exceptional results using the higher-end products from the drugstore. hair care

The other plague of winter hair, is static. Static comes from over-drying, from lack of moisture, from dry winter air. How do we handle that? Couple of things can be done to overcome this problem, even prevent it. hair care

First, make sure that all the hair care products that you use, from shampoo and conditioner , through to the deep treatment products and hair spray, that everything comes from the same brand of products. hair care

Second, get into a habit of using a silicone based, frizz-control serum once a week. When you go out, keep a small bottle of hair spray in your purse. If needed, spray your hands and run them over your hair. Frizz is history! hair care

When going outside for longer period of time, make sure that you wear a woolen hat, well fitting and not too tight. The hat should not be worn inside, if you do, you may overheat your scalp, and then when you do go outside again, the damage may be much greater.

I know, I know, the dreaded hat hair, but a little sweep with a brush will fix that. So keep your hat on, when you are on the slope or a trail and take it off when you go inside for a warm-up break. hair care

Winter time, also brings the glories parties, gala dances and other elegant affairs. Besides the outfit, the hair will usually play the most important role of the evening.

Now, lets rewind to the stylist chair and the hair care and styling process. hair care

They color it, wash it, treat it, condition it. Then comes the dryer, the curling iron, or the hot rollers. Or maybe you wanted to try the softer, scrumptious locks... here come the velcro rollers. Oh, the pain of getting this stuff out of your hair. But it’s worth is, I suppose... hair care

Then the heat of the dryer again, a little tease withe a comb and the build up of the waxes and balms, then the plastering of the finishing products.

But you emerge gorgeous, stunning and your hair makes you the star of the evening. hair care

When you come back home, you notice that your hair looks so dull and tired. To get rid of all the hair care products that build up on your head, you need to use the deep clarifying shampoo once a week, but not more often than that, as overuse will strip and damage the hair shaft. hair care

Also it is best to try not to shampoo your hair every day. I know, that some of us need to wash their hair daily, otherwise we would not be able to leave the house... but if it is possible, skip the washing every so often. hair care

If your hair is oily, you may think that you should not use the conditioner. That is not the case. To not aggravate the condition of your scalp, you should wash your hair with a mild shampoo and concentrate the “washing” to the scalp area, this way you will not dry out the hair and the ends. Then, use the conditioner on the length of your hair, avoiding the scalp and the roots, and concentrating on the hair ends. hair care

It is also good to have a pampering session once a week. Use a good quality conditioner or deep conditioning treatment, slap it on your hair, put a shower cap on and wrap your head in a warm towel. Keep it on for 20-30 minutes. Then rinse your hair with warm water, and let it dry naturally.

Use a good quality brush and brush your hair out after it is completely dry. If you use a comb or a brush on wet or dump hair, you will cause a lot of damage, and it will odd more stress to already tired, winter hair.

If you suffer from split ends, so common in winter, please make sure that you visit the stylist about every 6 weeks, to trim your hair. Trim, means a 1/4 of an inch, not more. After all you don’t want to loose the length. Visit should also include an update from your stylist. You need to ask questions about present condition of your hair, and about the specific products that you should be using at that given time.

Sometimes, it seams that the products you use have no effect on your hair. Simple solution to that problem is to switch brands every few weeks. This does not mean that you need to throw out half used bottles. You just need two different sets of shampoo and conditioner. And switch them as needed. It really works.

So now, when your hair is taken care of lets get out there and have some winter vacation fun. And while you are on vacation, remember to use some of that free time to take care of your body, and your hair. A luxuries resort or even that quiet, secluded, cozy cottage is a perfect spot for some “you time” or even a full spa treatment.

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