Have you Ever Seen Whistler?  

While living in Vancouver we spent most of our leisure time in and around the beautiful village of Whistler

We hiked, skied, ate too much, golfed and enjoyed everything we did there.

The area is simply breathtaking in the Summer time as well as Winter, just ask anyone who comes here to  ski.  

Spectacular views, rigid mountain tops almost always covered with snow.  

The beauty is simply overwhelming, and can only be fully taken in if you are here in person. 

Did you know that more than two million visitors come to Whistler area each year. 

Just as many in summer as in winter, to enjoy all that Whistler has to offer. 

We learned to ski here and just love the mountains. 

With over 200 runs and 34 chair lifts it’s a far cry from the 2 chairs that were in operation when we first started. 

We introduced our 4 daughters to  here. 

Now we are like one big happy family as we still get out together. 

Two of the girls and their husbands are backpackers and spend all of their vacations hiking the trails. 

We noticed there didn't seem to be a web site that covered all of the things to do in Whistler. 

We wished that we could have found one that had great descriptions of hiking trails and ski information as well as dining and shopping. 

Pemberton and Squamish are important to the area as well and offer lots of adventures.

Every time we wanted information we would spend hours checking sites.  

After finding your web site and reading all of the information you have gathered we thought, "Let's do one just like it on Whistler".

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