Trout Fishing Tips
from Savid Stone

Trout fishing is fun way to enjoy your free time and it can be very rewarding to your diet. There are many places in Canada that you can catch trout. Salt water trout are abundant and do not require much different equipment than the normal rod and reel found at any sporting goods store. They are usually small, so light tackle is more than adequite. Fishing lines with a low pound test are best because they won't be visable underwater.

The best place to fish for trout is in shallow rivers or flats of small bays. A spinner is a great lure to use instead of live bait because it is easy and effective. However, night crawlers are a cheap live bait that last days in a styrofoam container that is kept out of direct sunlight.

Aother way to catch trout is to use a fly fishing rod. This is a very fun form of fishing because it is more active and with practice you can become a very accurate caster.

You may have seen this done, and trust me it is easier than it looks. A light rod and reel are best for fly fishing. You can also purchase fake fishing flies that are exclusive to this type of fishing. The flies are light, so light fishing line should be used to let the fly control the cast. Find a stream that is 10' - 20' across. Tie the fly to the end of the line using 3-4 simple pretzel knots. Pull some extra slack into your empty hand, leaving about 5' of line coming out of the end of the rod. Slowly wave the rod back and forward with your hand about shoulder height. When you have a good feel for where you want to cast, go back and gently cast forward flicking you wrist forward as well. Release the slack in the line as you flick your wrist. Flicking your wrist just about doubles the speed of your cast with minimal effort...much like a golf swing, casting should be effortless. You will be casting a lot and force may spook the fish. Try aiming for opposite edges of the river where the water is more calm than the actual flow. Fish love to wait in these areas because food will flow by them from the quicker current.

When you have caught some trout, it is time to clean them. This is very easy when you know the basics. First take a sharp medium size knife and place it perpendicular across the area between the skull and the dorsal area. Cut straight downward about halfway. Then flip it over and slit the belly open from the anus to where you cut it's neck. Then hold the dorsal area and pull downward and back on the skull. This will rip the head off and pull the guts out of the bottom. Simply run your finger through the slit to clean any excess guts and throw the fish on ice. A staple recipe for trout is to flour the outside of the fish, skin and all, and cook it in a fry pan with butter and oil for a couple minutes per side. The skin will slide off very easily. Then use a fork to carefully lift the meat off of the rib bone.

The fish is very tender and will melt in your mouth. Feel around for bones because some will stick to the meet. This is a very healthy dish that is rich with low fat but has fish oil and protein that promote low cholesteral and promote muscle gain. Enjoy!

David Stone has fished all over the United States from the coast of Florida to the streams of Montana. Find more great information at

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