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Catch and Release Practices for Ice Fishing
from Fishing Source back
Why practice Catch and Release?
The fish population, and the size of the fish caught, have been on a steady decline for a number of years. This is due to the advancement of ice fishing technologies. Gadgets and advancements to other ice fishing equipment are making it much easier to catch fish in everyday ice fishing spots... read more

Enjoying Competition Sport Fishing
from Niall Pesci back
What is the sport of fishing?
You could be competing for a trophy or you may be looking to catch the largest fish of all of your friends. Competitions are by far the most popular reason for sport of fishing. You can go both still fishing or fly fishing. You'll have a specific time frame and depending on the weight and the species that you catch, you may just bring home the big one... read more

Trout Fishing Tips
from Savid Stone back
Trout fishing is fun way to enjoy your free time and it can be very rewarding to your diet. There are many places in Canada that you can catch trout. Salt water trout are abundant and do not really require much different equipment than the normal rod and reel found at any sporting goods store... read more

Quick and Easy Way to Your First Salmon Fishing Adventure
from: Sintilia Miecevole back
The most important piece of equipment is a fishing rod and the best place to purchase a rod is at a real pro shop or bait and tackle shop. Pro shops usually have a really good return policy. If you get a rod that is not comfortable for you, too stiff or too flexible, too long or too short, they will usually exchange it for a rod that will work better for you... read more

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