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Real Truth About AdSense

Somewhere along my journey with SBI!, I had to make an important decision. I needed to weed through hundreds of ideas, suggestions, opportunities and other "super ways to earn money online". We all have been there... I had this website, I had loads of ideas, I had my own articles and the love of winter to start with.

I heard of Google Adsense, program that allows people to place advertising materials from other business on their sites and earn commissions from sales made by those businesses. I didn't know much more than that, but it was quite intriguing. I decided to find out the real truth about AdSense, and find out as much as possible about it. So how does it work? What is the real truth about AdSense? It really is quite easy to implement. But first things first. You need to build a website.
Now you can go the easy way and get yourself one of those website templates. That will work too, but I feel, that that is just something that will look like thousands of other pre-made websites that you can never find... If you truly believe that quality is better than quantity, you will go and check out the SiteBuildIt!, for your website building needs. Just take a look and get yourself a SBI! site, just like mine. That will be the best thing you will ever spend your hard earned money on. Once you get your site up and running, there will come time to Monetize. Now, you too can

That step is quite easy. Once you fill out an application, your site will be reviewed by AdSenses Representatives. This takes couple of days, usually, within 48 hours, you will get your answer. To get your site approved, you need to make sure that there is no other programs similar to Google AdSense, active on the pages of your site. There should not be any broken links leading nowhere and working links should be relevant to the content of your site. There should not be any sexual and adult or illegal content on your site. If you follow the rules and regulations, you will be fine.

Once you have your Google AdSense approval, you are ready to make money and I mean right now, there is no more waiting. So how does it really work? What is the real truth about AdSense? You must have noticed the blocks of ads on this page. There is one square one right at the top, on the left. There is one more just below the navbar and yet another in the lower portion of this page. There are limits here, you can not just stuff your page with ads and hope for the best. Ad blocks are positioned in the best possible spots, based on the extensive research by Google. You position the ad blocks anywhere they fit the design of your site, but understand, that some spots are better than others. There is no need to click and check the ad blocks to see if they work. In fact if you do that, and click the ads on your own pages, you will be asked to leave Google AdSense and never come back. They will also keep all the money that you earned. So clicking your own ads is the worst thing you can do... Now go on, have fun creating theses quality content pages, and laugh all the way to the bank...
there is more to learn here...

I wish you all the best in your endeavors, I know that you too can earn money online and make your life better!
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Moms at Home. Have fun choosing, I know you will find right products for you.

From the information enclosed in my story, you know that there are different ways of making money on line. They are called Monetization Methods.
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