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Here we are in wonderful Ontario Winter Wonderland. Now come with us and visit our romantic getaways destinations. You probably know the slushy city roads and slippery sidewalks... 

Have you ever experienced a beauty and calm of the snow blanketed country side? Have you strolled by frozen Kempenfelt Bay on Lake Simcoe in the heart Barrie and witness the quiet joys of ice-fishing enthusiasts? Or did you ever had a chance to listen to the crackling snow beneath your snowshoes in the afternoon sun-bathed winter forest?

You can submit your Romantic Getaways Memories and share the stories of your winter discoveries of yourself and each other.

We are working hard to find romantic gateways and accommodations that offer highest quality standard of service. Romantic Getaway Destinations will be listed here shortly.
If there is a place, that you love to come back to and you would like to tell us about it... please visit this page

Your opinion is very important not only for us, but also for your fellow Winter Vacation travelers.

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