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Do you have a special, romantic getaways story that you just have to share with others? That one trip that changed your life, one encounter that you will remember forever. Perhaps your story is about a once in the lifetime trip or get-together, or maybe about that seclude winter hideaway where you found a new outlook on life. Share with us, post it here?


Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in. has my permission to publish this story as a permanent item on this site. I will not seek any monetary compensation for my story from the publishers and/or owners of
Story that I submit is my own original work and does not violate anyone else's copyrights.
I give permission to check spelling and edit the article for grammar, punctuation and search engine keyword configuration.
Include the link to my webpage in return for the submitted story; I understand that reserves the right to approve content of my page before link is published.

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