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When you shop for snowboarding equipment, you need to be well prepared. Shopping for snowboarding equipment can be stressful if you don't know how to do it the right way.

We just went through such an experience with one of our own budding snowboarders. After spending 8 winter seasons on skis, our son, now 12 decided that it is high time to give the other sport a try. He started out with a used snowboard from a friend, (this kid comes home with stuff traded for his no longer used toys and sports equipment! Try trading a mountain bike for BMX and an amplifier...) anyway, he wanted to get into snowboarding.

Palmer Carbon Circle Snowboard and Salomon Snowboard Boots that he got from a friend were in great condition, but before winter came, they became too small.

Package Nicolas Mller Premium Package

So, off we went shopping for gear...

To wisely shop for snowboarding gear for yourself or for your kids takes time, a lot of skill and knowledge. We all know that 12 year olds usually have very different tastes from their mothers… So as a parent, this is the first thing you have to get over, or you can just leave the mother at home (I wish I have stayed at home, when they were off to shop for snowboarding stuff…)

Not only I was not thrilled about the design of the board, and even thou it is the least important aspect of this, I could not get past the not so hot design that would not come close to match his beautiful, brand new snowboarding outfit . Not so great selection that our local sports store offered and prices on the boards that were available did not impress me either. I didn’t like the snowboard boots , and the bindings , do they have to be black?

I did not enjoy the process whatsoever, so I decided to take care of my older son’s needs and get him brand new, blue, dual tip Atomic skis with super cool ski boots from Nordica, in the different section of the store.

In the end both my kids came home ecstatic and happy, they got exactly what they wanted.

Why do you think I hated the snowboard shopping so much and had a blast just around the corner in the same exact store shopping for skis?

Burton SL-9 Snowboard Boot - Men's

The answer is quite simple: I had no clue about snowboarding gear. I am a skier. I know what I like, I know what feels good, I cannot be talked into a purchase just because the clerk thinks I have no idea about what he is trying to sell. But this is in my little skiing world. Enter the snowboarding universe and I am lost. This is unfamiliar and therefore not pleasant.

My lesson? Feel free to learn from my mistakes. Educate yourself about the gear before you head out to shop for snowboarding or other equipment. Visit places like , where you can chat with an expert and ask questions about snowboarding equipment that you are considering. There is no pressure to buy, no one will make faces at you and roll their eyes when you ask one too many questions... Compare other online retailers like , browse, even shop for snowboarding accesories, and find out about what is new, what is better, what works and what doesn’t and find out about prices and sales.

Then, ask someone who has been snowboarding for couple of years and is up to date with innovations in the snowboarding world, to come with you. A friend will be able to advice you better on the products you consider than someone who is just trying to get a commission from a sale.

Don’t get me wrong, not all of sales representatives are like that, but some of them do just that. So instead of coming home with stuff that is wrong for your style, abilities and wallet, bring a knowledgeable friend and come back home with exactly what you like, need and want.

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