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Comprehensive article about ski binding parts, and their functions...

Beginners guide to ski equipment
by Rosa Flores-Quezada,
Ski bindings are an important piece of safety equipment...

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You walk into the sports store, you go over to the skiing department and stand in front of the wall filled with ski bindings, you look up, way up, and again, you are so overwhelmed, that when the clerk finally arrives to ask if you need help, you forget why you are there!

You came in to buy ski bindings.

If you only knew what kind to ask for...

Ski bindings attach your ski boot to the ski.

They provide stability and support when you need it and allow you to dismount in situations that may endanger your health if you do stay attached to your skis Like that time, you had the close encounter with the bushes or when you flipped and somehow ended on your back. Thing like that happen to the best of us, so it's good to have the ability to "loose" your skis if needed.

Remember, it is crucial to purchase the binding that are suitable for your ski boots style. So before you run off to get those perfect red bindings that match your red skis, make sure that they in fact are the right type for your ski boots.

Another important aspect of the ski binding buying process, is to be honest about your skiing abilities and your performance level. Sometimes, it is difficult to admit, even to yourself that you are, in fact, are an intermediate skier, and not the expert. Some of us, on the other hand will have the tendency to stay in our own safety zone, and be stuck in the "beginner" mentality for years. So let's here the truth, when the store clerk asks you for your skiing abilities.

They will also ask about your height, your boot size and... (hey, you ladies out there, they will also ask about your weight!) So, again, be honest, even if you do have couple of pounds stashed here and there.

Based on the information you provide the store staff will be able to suggest the right type of ski binding specifically for you. Once the style is determined you need to look at quality and prices. Now, this could be a tricky subject, simply because everyone has different assumptions and opinions about cost and value.

We would strongly suggest, that you stay away from the bargain basement prices. If you are buying for yourself, chances are, that you will be skiing on the same equipment for years to come. So spend a little more, choose from the mid and higher priced bindings and stick to good quality products. Splurge and get the stuff, that you really like, maybe those red skis, we talked about earlier.

If you are making a purchase for your 5 year old child, it is better, to buy less expensive product, since you will be buying new equipment every year for next 6 to 8 years. (I should now...) It maybe wise to find a store like Use it Again Sports and check their deals on used and new equipment. Our favorite one is in Barrie, on Young St., we've been shopping there for years, and always find great deals on brand new stuff that the kids love.

A reputable sports store.

not only will give you advice on the ski bindings mostly suitable for your skiing style, it will also mount the bindings on the skis and set them up according to your ski boot size and will adjust the release mechanism according to your skiing ability.

So, lets go and get some ski bindings, Sports Mart offers great selection, exceptional customer service and you can check it out right here. Make sure to check our selection of ski bindings below.

M11.0 Titanium CCXi Ski Binding

M11.0 Titanium CCXi Ski Binding

A practical, confidence-inspiring binding for beginners and easy-cruising intermediates.

Titanium 12.0 PC Turbo Ski Binding

Titanium 12.0 PC Turbo Ski Binding

Piston Control Interface with hydraulic oil pistons for deeper bends and turning arcs.

Scratch 100 Ski Binding

Scratch 100 Ski Binding

Sized right for Rossignol Scratch riders weighing between 65 to 240 lbs.

Salomon S810 Ps Bindings   - 2004

Salomon S810 Ps Bindings - 2004

For sport skiers riding on extended playgrounds.Extreme stability and precision;Performance meets convenience;Poweraxe Sport;Diagonal Pivot;Din: (3-10)

Marker Titanium 1200 Piston Control   - 2005

Marker Titanium 1200 Piston Control - 2005

Marker's lightweight, High Performance Titanium line combines performance technology with advanced protection. These bindings models are constructed using state-of-the-art innovation and engineering. Designed for skiers who wnt aggressive high performance reliability coupled with lightweight high-quality convenience. The versatility, quality and value in this category is tremendous.Din: 3-12;Recommended skier weight: 65-250 lbs;;;



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