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Most Memorable for Active Winter Fun Enthusiasts

Ski Cross Country... Those who love winter fun, but like slower paced skiing, will enjoy wonderful world of cross country skiing. When the snow covered trails call your name, and you just want to leave it all behind, even if only for an hour.

When you XC country, you will notice the scenery that hurries by when you go downhill. Here the beauty of snow-covered trees whispers to your soul. The magical moments hidden in the forest, the trails crossing Muskoka Rivers, winding on shores of secluded, frozen lakes.

Finally, you can relax; go at your own pace, not being rushed by any one. You become one with your surroundings, discovering the hidden abilities of your own body.

Now you can push yourself, not because someone tells you to, but because you want to. Here you are the Master; the silence enables you to finally listen to your most inner thoughts.

It is at moments like these, that you find your creative side; you discover the music hidden deep within your existence. You find out how sensitive you are to the beauty surrounding you.

To ski the secluded, cross country trails of Ontario is like coming back home where you can stay as long as you like...

If you never had a chance to ski the back country trails, but would love to give it a try, please be sure to read this article. It is written by Dan Mahony, CX-Country Ski Instructor, owner of Ski For Life in Oxford County, program well known throughout Ontario. Here is his story, so read on you may just be hooked-on, to a new adventure.




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