The Evolution of Ski Racks

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The Evolution of the Ski Rack
from Anne Clarke

Skiing has changed greatly over the years, and so have ski racks. People no longer simply attach wooden planks to their feet to go skiing. There are now quick release bindings and parabolic skis and… gasp… snowboards. Just as there are different skis to get you down the mountain today, there are also different ways to get your skis up to the mountain.

Ski racks have undergone a makeover, even recently. When my father was first learning how to ski, he would just strap his skis to his horse… alright, so my father isn’t quite that old. But he certainly did not have a ski rack. He probably didn’t even know what a ski rack was. The first time he went skiing in college, he drove his VW Bug up to the ski resort. He’s lucky that the weather was willing to allow him to even get to the top of the canyon – his Bug could not have handled anything other than bright, road-warming sun.

His Bug certainly did not have room for his skis and his buddy’s, so they found a way to tie their skis to the roof of the car. They would have used duct tape, had they known what it was. But, instead, they used twine and tied their skis to the roof like a Christmas tree. They most definitely would have loved to have had a ski rack back then – they wouldn’t have had to turn around and backtrack half the distance of the canyon, just to look for the missing ski.

Ski racks definitely make it much easier to get your gear up the mountain. Ski racks are far superior to tying your skis to the roof. Ski racks are also superior to bungee cording your hatch shut because it won’t quite close when your skis are sticking out! Ski racks are much better than putting your snowy skis inside your car to melt and dampen your seats.

Over the years, ski racks have had to change to incorporate snowboards and to fit on different cars. You can even buy sedans with ski sleeves that allow you to put your skis in through the trunk and up through the back seat to the front. You no longer have to drill holes in your roof to attach a ski rack. You can get a ski rack that will hold both skis and snowboards easily. You can lock your ski rack to ensure your skis’ safety. You can remove your ski rack during the summer so that you can get better gas mileage. Or you can leave your ski rack on top of your car during the summer and simply convert it into a bike rack or a kayak rack.

Ski racks have come along way. Perhaps ski racks have improved just has much as skis have over the years.

Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, sports, and home decor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on ski racks please visit Ski Racks webpage.

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