Skiing Accommodations in Ontario 

Finding nice and affordable skiing accommodations in Ontario is not always easy.  For those who wait all year for the first snowfall so they can strap on their skis and hit the powdery slopes, Ontario’s Horseshoe Valley is the ideal destination. As the young (and the young at heart) learn how to steady themselves on their skis for the first time, seasoned skiers fly by with grace and speed, kicking up a flurry of snow in their midst. Just be sure everyone wears their helmets for peak safety and to prevent any injuries from ruining your day. All who come to ski in this beautiful Canadian area enjoy a great deal of thrills and fun that bring your family closer.

Enjoy Unbeatable Downhill Skiing Year After Year Skiing Accommodations in Ontario 

Situated in this picturesque region is the charming town of Barrie, home to Mount St. Louis Moonstone. This impressive ski resort boasts 36 slopes, 9 chairlifts, and 3 carpets and is known for being family-friendly. Mount St. Louis accommodates both novice and expert skiers between its many runs and variety of ski lesson programs. If you don’t have your own ski equipment (or don’t feel like lugging it on vacation), you can simply rent equipment from Mount St. Louis. The resort offers several rental packages, so your family will find exactly what they need.

skiing accommodations in Ontario

Then there is the Horseshoe Resort, which is said to have the best-groomed runs in Ontario. If you’re a first-timer, have no fear; simply sign up for lessons with the Ski and Snowboard School at Horseshoe. The resort is open 7 days a week and even features night skiing for a unique and thrilling experience. Plus, you equipment won’t be a concern, as you can rent everything from helmets to boots to skis from the resort, which provides a selection of rental packages. Horseshoe Resort also hosts numerous events throughout the winter season to keep you entertained on your visit, including the Moonlight Cross Country Ski nights, Coors Light men’s and ladies’ weeks, college week, and the Horseshoe Open—Ontario’s largest ski and snowboard festival.  skiing accommodations in Ontario

There is nothing that beats the liberating feeling of the fresh snow and crisp air blowing at you as you zip down the mountain. Of course, you will need accommodations to retreat to after your thrilling days on the slopes. At the lovely Carriage Ridge Resort in Barrie, you will stay in a comfortable ski-in/ski-out condo-style suite right on the edge of Horseshoe Ski Resort. Not to mention the resort is an easy drive to Mount St. Louis Moonstone. You’ll be surrounded by a combined 68 downhill ski runs, in addition to over 30 kilometers of Nordic ski trails, snow-tubing runs, snowshoeing, and more.

Consider buying a timeshare at the Carriage Ridge Resort so you can return to the Horseshoe Valley and experience unmatched skiing year after year. Your Canada timeshare will guarantee you spacious lodgings that feel just like home on every vacation. Learn more about Horseshoe Valley timeshares.

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