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You love winter, and feel great outdoors, but too often it shows on your face. Cold weather outside, dry, hot air inside. Deadly combination for your skin.

When temperature changes so offten, each time we leave the building, walk to the car, drive in trafic, breathing the dry, recicled air, and then step outside again, but only for a moment, before we go indoors again. That is a roller-coaster for your poor skin.

It seams like there is no solution; that year after year, in our Canadian winter, we have to suffer. How do we protect our biggest organ from slow but steady detoriation? How do we capture the moisture and how do we protect the skin from harsh, cold wind, sun, and exhousting effects of indoor heating?


Corectly chosen winter clothing, including gloves made of water-repalent yet breathable fabric, scarfs for your neck, chest and face protection and layers, leyers, leyers... to keep you warm and dry, as exposure to water will dehidrate your skin, making it dry and crusty.

Right type of skin care products, determined by your curent skin type, used on a daily bases and according to the manufacturers directions.

Good quality Humidifier, used especialy during night time, when we all like to be warm and toasty, and at the same time we are drying up like a prune. If you don't have one available, try using a terry towel hanging over the heat register with one end resting in the container with water.
(please DO NOT USE this if you have electric heaters)

Fluids going in, in large quantities, our body is made up of mostly water, when the air is dry, and the skin feels like parchment paper, it's time to replenish the fluids. Water is best, not only it hydrates you, it also cleans you up on the inside.

Avoiding long, hot baths, even thou, it seams that after a blistery day, the best thing for you would be a long soak in a hot bubling jettub... it's not. It will make your skin dry and cracked, aspecialy if you live in an area with hard water. Short warm shower is best.


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Your winter skin care routine has not changed for ages, or you simply don't have one.

The importance of winter skin care can not be stressed enough. If not protected and maintained properly your skin can easily get damaged and scared.

It is so much easier to protect and prevent any winter skin damage then to repair it later.

At home, during the week you may not have enough time to take care of your skin. It's not an excuse, but let's face it, that's reality. Everything else comes first... you turn around and your day is gone, you are exhausted from your daily life and let's be honest, sometimes skip your skin care procedures

But now you are going away on vacation, lets claim some of that vacation time, yours! No matter where you are, even if you have small kids, make a deal with yourself to take care of YOU for just one week. It is too short to form a strong habit, but after a week or two of skin care regiment, you will notice enough difference in your skin, to continue with your skin care routine.

Plan ahead, and do not allow yourself to skip the skin care on your vacation, it really is your chance to start something important just for you. Even if you travel with children, finding time for yourself should not be a problem. Most resorts offer baby sitting services, if they don't, convince your spouse, that you need time for yourself, and ask him to take the kids and leave you alone in the room for an hour or so.

How can I take care of my skin if I don't have my stuff with me - you ask.
First of all, you don't need all your stuff, to achieve desired results. I know, we all have so many different skin care products, most of them not used at all, or even worse, some of them way past their expiration date.

When you think about it, to get and maintain the beautiful skin, all you need is a cleaner toner combination, moisturizes and protection from the elements. That's all you want to pack. Also, before you take any skin care product with you, you check it's expiration date,and make sure, that it is compatible with the climate in which you will be staying. If your vacation involves sitting under a palm tree on a hot beach , you will need products that are different from those you would use if you will spend time on the wind swept, snow covered slope .

Problem Skin and Winter weather, can create an array of difficulties that you need to deal with fast. Using right products for your skin type is crucial. You don't want to use heavy cream moisturizer, even if you will be freezing on the slope for couple of hours. If you do, you may discover that the next morning, you have to deal with acne outburst! You don't want that on your vacation. The solution is quite simple. Find right products for your skin type that will not only help with your current skin condition or problem, but also will provide adequate protection for your skin. Your search for right acne-prone skin care products should start at here, they offer one of the most effective acne fighting products available on the market today. There is no reason to suffer through winter, try recommended tips - they really work!

When you have acne under control, it will be easier to face the weather with nice skin, which is so much easier to take care of. Now you can spend your precious time on prevention and protection, not repair. So let's get to it

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