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Inside Look at the intriguing History of Snowboarding
from Keith Kingston
It has taken almost forty years for snowboarding to be recognized as a major sport that is followed and participated in by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Humanity’s love affair with snow has been documented throughout the ages, starting with cave dwellers who were smart enough to figure out that snow had its advantages, such as serving as insulation to hold in the warmth in their homes and preserving the day’s kill…read more…

Alpine Snowboarding
from Jakob Jelling
Alpine snowboarding is for those of you who are “little more extreme” about speed than most. Alpine snowboarding encompasses more than just speed. Other areas often included are racing and extreme carving… read more…

Snowboarding for Women (or men!)
from Lauren Traub Teton
Why don’t more women over the age of 30 take up snowboarding? It is Fabulous Fun! Perhaps you haven’t tried it because you have heard that you will fall down a lot when learning. True. But it is possible to learn without pain. Pain and injury avoidance techniques for snowboarding are invaluable but not well known…read more…

Building a half pipe for snowboarding
from Jakob Jelling
Perhaps one of the most exhilarating things to snowboard on is a half pipe. A half pipe is a combination of gracefully arcs and glorious straight stretches that allow you to perform skateboarding tricks with your snowboard. The only other thing that can compare to a half pipe is a snowboarding bowl… read more…

Snowboard Boots
from Daryl Marly
Since it is your feet that connect you to your board the correct boots are vital for achieving maximum board control and general boarding enjoyment. There is nothing worse than having sore, wet and cold feet which will without doubt ruin a day out on the hills... read more…

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