Cruise Safety Tips You Should Know

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Article by Samuel Ng

Believe it or not, being on a ship for a breath-taking cruise is one of the ways to have a safe and fun-filled vacation.

But better safe than sorry, it is always best to take necessary precautions to make sure that you truly enjoy your cruise.

The following are effective tips and advice to make sure your risks of a bummer cruise is essentially lowered. Do not leave home without it.

Always make sure that before you go on your cruise, you must have copies of your driver’s license, passport, credit cards, travel documents, etc.

As much as possible, copies of the “stolen or lost” credit card phone notification number should be included in your package.

Also, do not forget to leave a set of such a copy in the home of a friend or relative you could trust.

While you make sure that another set is with you, and is separately packed away from the card that is original. There are a lot of cruise ships that actually hold passports in order to make quick the ship’s clearing in some foreign ports.

Also, it would be best if you purchase a money UnderCover-neck pouch and utilize it all throughout the duration of your trip.

Using this is convenient and at the same time will do best to thwart any thieves that use the cut-and-run technique (this is where thieves cut the straps of the purse right directly off the victims).

When luggage packing:
Do your best to not run off and purchase the most expensive luggage. Luggage that looks plain has a lot less likelihood of being a target.

Some thieves have the mistaken notion of equating luggage that is expensive to content that is just as expensive.

Make sure to have a list of all things you place inside your own luggage. If possible, take clear pictures of your luggage’s content while you are packing.

When already inside the cabin:

As soon as you get inside your cabin, immediately check the closet and the bathroom while your cabin door is open.

While the ship is still in port, there are a lot of people who have easy access of the ship. It won’t hurt if you check and be always cautious.

Be also aware that the locks found inside the cabins of the ship are not really changed as often as it should (compared to locks inside hotels). Therefore, never leave any valuables carelessly lying inside your cabin.

Your Flap Ticket-Passport Walletshould be put inside the safe of the cabin or the safe of the purser.

Also, make sure that while you are sleeping, the door locks are all locked. Never open doors to any strangers.

Always protect your cabin key as well as the number of your cabin.

While on the ship:
Cruises are relatively actually safe, however common sense is a necessity anywhere and everywhere, even when in the middle of the sea.

Always stay on those areas that are for the public. Always remember that being on a cruise is like being in a very small city.

If your children are cruising with you, always set rules to them like you do when you are at home.

Establishing curfews to teenagers and cautioning them to not go with or accompany any members of the crew to an area that is not for the public should be advised to them.

While in the port:
There has been research done that found crimes being committed against passengers of a cruise during moments when they are ashore more than when on the cruise itself.

However, there has also been an instance where at least three male passengers who had been a victim of pickpockets on the cruise itself.

Such events could be avoided by using an UnderCover-neck pouchfor all your credit cards and money.

All in all, these advice and tips are really more on being aware of your belongings and your surroundings. It is also about applying common sensical ideas in order to avoid any unnecessary problems while you are on a cruise.

A vacation should be fun and enjoyable, as well as free from worries. It would be best to help yourself have a good cruise experience by making yourself safe early on.

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