Preparing For Your Cruise :
Documentations - Health Precautions and What To Pack

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Article by Jerrick Foo

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Here are some important tips on to look out for before your actual cruise trip.

Passports and Visas

A valid passport is required for your cruise trip. Remember, if you do not have one, you should make arrangements to apply at least a month before your departure.

Travel documents
Three weeks before your departure date, check that you have the following:

Cruise ticket
Airline ticket
Luggage tags
Immigration form
Shore tours information
Cruise itinerary

Also make sure you know your cabin number, cruise ship name and the ocean code that you will be cruising. In case your friends or relatives need to be contact you, make sure they have the phone number of the cruise ships.

Travel Insurance
You can choose either a comprehensive policy or a supplementary health insurance package. Most people will tend to opt for the former as it offers monetary protection against things like trip cancellation, postponed departure, medical needs, lost baggage and personal accident.

This is usually not required by the cruise ships. However, it is recommended you get yourself an immunization jab to to prevent infection against any deadly diseases. This adds as a form of health precaution if you are traveling to more primitive destinations.

Some people may feel dizzy and nauseous while on board the cruise ship. You can either prepare for yourself a acupressure wrist band, Meclinzine tablets, Dramamine pills or wear a Scopolamine patch behind of your ear.

You should only pack what you need and nothing more. This can usually be fitted into one or two suitcases for a one week or more cruise. Prepare your casual day time wear as well what you think you need for your formal evenings like tuxedo or evening gowns. one tip I can offer you is to mix and match with some accessories to enhance your travel wardrobe. Don't forget to bring your footwear like shoes and scandals long.

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