Important Things You Should Bring on Your Cruise

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You can’t wait to get on your first cruise.

You are so excited that even though you are usually a procrastinator when it comes to packing, this time around you, find yourself preparing the things you will be bringing to the cruise days ahead of your cruise date.

But as you unload your closet to fit all its contents on your luggage, you are stopped by common sense and realize that you will not be able to fit all of the things you need for the cruise on your seemingly tiny luggage.

You’re probably right on one of your observations, and that is, that you will not be able to fit the entire contents of your bedroom into a few pieces of luggage.

What you got wrong, however, is that you won’t be needing a whole lot to have a safe and very enjoyable cruise.

Here are a few tips on what to bring, what not to bring, and a bunch of other cruise-packing related topics.

So read on before the 'pack rat' in you start to stuff your whole house into your pitiful bags.

Stay in check with a checklist.

It’s ideal to list down all the items you think you need on a checklist.

You read it right, the items “you think you need” – because when you consult that list a few times over, you’ll begin to realize that there are some things you included which you really didn’t have to.

Once you start realizing this, start crossing out the items on the list that you are now sure you don’t need.

This way, you won’t forget to pack the ones you need, but also won’t be stuck with excess, and not to mention useless, luggage.

In a cruise, your luggage is the closest thing to a store.....

Going on a cruise is like going to any isolated beach resort, or to a place faraway from civilization.

Because of this, you have to remember that while on the cruise, you will not have a convenience store or pharmacy to run to once you realize that you failed to pack your daily medication or some basic toiletries.

Which is why it is absolutely important to pack in all your basic necessities first – a toiletry kit, a pillbox with the enough amount of medication you will be needing for the duration of the cruise, and so on.

Multiply your outfits by mixing and matching

As much as possible, avoid packing outfits whose pieces you cannot mix and match with each other.

Instead, opt for pieces that are of the same or of complementing colors to extend your limited wardrobe on the cruise.

This is also an important point to take note of when you think of footwear – as much as possible, bring a shoe that will match most, if not all of your outfits, so you don’t have the hassle of bringing multiple pairs.

Keep a neat cruise closet

If you still have space on your luggage, consider bringing a mesh clothes hamper that packs flat in your bag.

Once you are on the cruise, pull out the hamper and hang it on your closet to help you keep your cruise closet nice and tidy.

Luggage, luggage, luggage

Let’s begin this final tip with an analogy: real estate is to location, location, location, as to cruise packing is to luggage, luggage, luggage. What you pack for the cruise is just as important as what you pack them in – so be sure to purchase luggage that is sturdy, durable, and as lightweight as possible.

What to do when your luggage bag is unable to close

There's no such thing as a perfect luggage bag, even if it's in a good condition. There were cases of luggage bags being unable to close while on a cruise!

If you buy a new luggage bag from the cruise ship, it's not going to be cheap. The solution - bring along some duct tape, it can close up your luggage bags when they are unable to close.

When you get home, there'll probably be duct tape marks & stains on your luggage, you can remove them easily with lighter fluid.

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