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Article by Samuel Ng

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Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who actually pass up any opportunity they may have for a cruise vacation of their choice because they believe in the myth wherein a ship cruise is a very expensive way to go.

But the fact of the matter is that going on a cruise is a very economical and at the same time a fun thing to do for you, the whole family or for anyone that is young or young at heart.

Cruising For Everyone & Anyone
A cruise is really a bargain in comparison to actually staying at a hotel, resort or a villa. Cruising also appeals to a broader age group. Also, there are a lot of other fun-filled activities that cruising offers.

Cruising Activities
These activities actually cater to parents, their children, groups in their middle-age, single people and even to grandparents. Those cruises that offer more than one week of fun in the sun will actually have a crowd that is older.

The following are some of the activities that a cruise ship has to offer. It all depends on what your preference, likes and dislikes are in order to enjoy an activity that is uniquely fun to you and your family or friends.

Eating On A Cruise
Of course, a cruise will not be complete unless there is delectable food involved.

One who is on a cruise would typically be assigned a specific dining room as well as a specific time for dinner, as well as companions to sit on the same table throughout the cruise’s duration.

These passengers are then exemplary treated to culinary spectacular delights as well as fine and excellent wines.

If the cruise lasts for more than a week, there will also be a night or two where the people are dressed a bit more formally in their cocktail suits and dresses.

However, there are other choices available. Ships also have restaurants that are a lot smaller and are like bistros.

They also have buffets a lot of times in the day as well as snack bars, services in-cabin and pizzerias that serve customers the whole twenty-four hours.

Inclusive of the cruise’s price usually are the coffee, fruit juice, hot chocolate, tea and water. An added extra cost is for sodas and any other alcoholic beverage.

So now you have eaten
A lot of other activities that a cruise ship offers are both social activities as well as physical activities.

There are those cruises that offer an exercise class and gym equipments. There also those ships that offer rock climbing walls, tracks for rollerblading, jogging paths.

Courts and pools also abound especially for those who like to play basketball or volleyball, or those who prefer to go swimming. Believe it or not, there are pools found on cruise ships that have slides.

However, if these activities are not your cup of tea, your cruising nights and days could be spent in the cruise ship’s casinos or drinking at the ship’s various lounges and bars.

There are also shows on cruises that are similar to those in Las Vegas. Shopping is also possible in cruise ships. But if you prefer to sit and watch a video of your choice, it is also possible.

There are also reading rooms in cruise ships as well as libraries.

Pamper, pamper, pamper
Pampering yourself is also possible when on a cruise. A lot of spas on shipboards actually rival those spas that are found on land.

Facials, pedicure, manicure, treatments for the hair, massages are all possible. Appointments for such activities actually go by very quickly and so they have to be booked quite early. The saunas, steam room, hot tubs are mostly free of charge.

When the ship has docked
Usually, cruise ships always dock at ports that are exciting. Every cruise ship almost always have excursions that are organized at every call port.

They vary and range in prices, from those that are expensive to cheap. It all depends on the activity and type of cruising fun desired.

All in all, having fun while on a cruise is the greatest way to enjoy everything that the good life has to offer.

Cruises are actually affordable now, and it is an exciting way to save up for something you know you would find memorable and fun in the long run.

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