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Hoenymoon Cruisers - Preparing for your Trip

Article by Jerrick Foo

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Cruising is very romantic leisure activity. With such an amorous setting whereby you can enjoy a fine champagne and enjoy the cool ocean breeze, it's no wonder that many honeymoon couples are planning to go for a cruise these days.

If you are planning for a cruise with your partner, here are some questions for you to ponder over before you pay for your cruise ticket.

a. What type of honeymoon packages is available? Caribbean theme, wedding on ships, luxurious couples packages and so on.

b. Is there any free discounts, perks or extra treats? Some cruise liners give away free champagne as well as special cabin upgrades to honeymoon couples. As always, it's fun to enjoy privileges without paying for them.

c. Are you after a king size bed or those staterooms with Jacuzzi in them? Mega cruise ships have them, whereas those smaller ones may be lacking in these kind of facilities.

d. Is there a private veranda? A veranda is like a balcony and is the few private spot left for a cruise couple in a cruise ship. Check to see if it is available in the first place. If it is, ask questions like how spacious the veranda is and whether your adjacent neighbor got chance to interrupt your peace.

e. What kind of age groups does the cruise ships has on board? Chances are you would not want to catch up with seniors' citizens who are on sightseeing tours nor would you want to be caught in a cruise ships full of kids running about. If you are after romance, you will most likely want to see a few other couples your age on board.

Jerrick Foo is an avid cruiser. Visit his website at, offers cruise ships reviews and cheap cruise deals. Find Couples cruise ships and other cruise planning information here.

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