Visiting Canada,
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Information on this page is intended as a guide only, to find out more, please contact Canadian Immigration.

Each year over 35 million people from all over the world are visiting Canada. This diverse country has so much to offer. Not only our own Canadian Citizens can find their roots all over the globe, we are keen on welcoming, accepting and sharing our distinct ways of life with our neighbors and visitors.

If you plan to visit Canada, you need to know certain things, before you pack your bags. Those Visiting Canada must be in excellent health. If you plan to stay in Canada for more than 6 months, you will need a medical exam.

Canada does not pay for hospital or medical services for visitors. Make sure you have health insurance to pay your medical costs before you leave for Canada.

You may not be permitted to enter Canada if you have a criminal conviction, including a conviction for driving while impaired. Find out more about inadmissibility to Canada.

Read important information on the new Advance Passenger Information/Passenger Name Record program (API/PNR).

Contact a Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate for information on what you will need before coming to Canada.

You will also be expected to know and respect our Canadian Law, as anywhere else in the world, you will be punished for breaking the Law, even if you are a visitor.

Important documents that you will need to bring with you include your valid passport, along with a valid Temporary Resident Visa of TRV if you are coming from any of these countries. You may also need a Letter of Invitation.

Once you arrive:

An officer will ask you a few short questions when you arrive. To make this go quickly, keep your passport with you and not in your luggage.

The officer will stamp your passport or advise you how long you may stay in Canada. Feel free to ask questions if you are unsure about anything.

After you arrive, you may want to change the conditions of your visit. This is possible in special cases. You must do this before your statusas a temporary resident expires. Apply to extend your stay or visit at least 30 days before your visa expires. Whether by boat, by plane, by car or by commercial vehicle — there are ways to simplify your border crossing. Find out if you qualify for one of our joint programs for travellers.

If you plan to enter Canada from a remote area you can apply ahead of time. Find out how, using CANPASS. Print the Temporary Resident Visa application form with guide. Check with the Canadian visa office in your country to see if there are any additional forms you need to fill out.

Get organized and do your research before you come, it is well worth the effort to do your homework this way. Do not be caught by surprise by some minor detail, which may escalate to the disastrous proportions and make your visit not possible or just very difficult. This beautiful Country has a lot to offer, so come on over, and enjoy it along with us. You will be glad you came visiting Canada... We will be glad to welcome you to Canada! EYH?

How do I…
apply for a visa to visit Canada
pay the visa fee
find out about single entry or multiple entry visas
find someone to represent me or help me complete my application
find out if I need a visa if I am just traveling through Canada without visiting
find out what I can take to Canada with me
get information about entering Canada
extend my stay as a visitor in Canada
change my status after coming to Canada as a visitor
help a family member or friend apply to visit Canada
get help if an application is refused
get a copy of a lost visitor record

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