Never wax your Car again! Protect it!

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So week after week, you spend your Saturday afternoon washing your car. You take your time, you dry it and... not again... you wax it!

Forget it!

Never use car wax or auto wax again! Why would you want to use something that not only will make you work very hard, but also will wear off after just couple of car washes? Throw away the car wax and forget the car polish. You already know, they are a waste of time and money.

How would you like to forget about your car finish treatment for next 5 years? Yes! FIVE YEARS! And the good news is it will cost you a fraction of the cost of all that old car wax you would use for those 5 years! How is that for the good news?

Why do the traditional waxes fail?

Most of the car-polish and wax products have an inexpensive carnauba wax base. Carnauba Palm is a common name for a species of palm tree. It is a native to Brazil and Argentina. Among other products obtained or produced from different parts of this tree, like starch, sugar, veneers, cordage, mats and hats, we can find a carnauba wax that forms in scales on the lower surface of the leaves and is removed by shaking the dry leaves.

So who can tell me what happens to a wax candle when you light it up? Yes, it melts! Now, the candles are made of wax and so are the traditional car waxes! Those will also melt when heated. So try not to drive your freshly waxed beauty in the hot blazing sun. You now what will happen, the wax that you applied huffing and puffing just couple of days ago, will become soft and sticky. Now it can grab and hold all the dirt and dust and even those poor, little bugs that you encounter on the way. Now they all can stay close to your car finish that you tried so hard to protect. This is not exactly what you had in mind, is it?

So now you have to go back and was the car again and… reapply the wax again, in fact you must reapply the same car wax over and over again, until you finally realize that using car polish based on wax product, will not protect your car finish in the long run.

So, what can you do? You don’t want to leave the paint finish unprotected, it will get damaged fast and there will be nothing you can do to reverse it.

The only solution is the amazing and easy to use PPS formula that is NOT a car wax.


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