Right Winter Clothing will keep you warm, dry and comfortable on your winter outings.

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Dressing right for the winter weather is essential if you want to enjoy your outdoor activities. Clothing manufacturers make sure that your day on the slopes is warm, dry and comfortable.

Your downhill escapades will require a different attire, then the stroll in the snow covered park. Winter clothing decisions should be based on the weather, the planed activity and the length of time you plan to stay outside.

Dressing right for the Winter Weather

First thing you need to do before you get ready, is to check the weather forecast . Do not just assume that since it is nice and sunny, it will stay that way. Or that it is nice where you are going, even if it is just a short distance away. Remember, Canadian winters are quite unpredictable, and the weather conditions change often without warning. Clothing that you plan to wear should make you ready for any possibility.

You know what weather to expect. Now you need to look at your planed activity. If your outing will include the vigorous downhill skiing on the double diamond trails, you will probably be much warmer then someone sitting in the horse drawn sleigh. If you are packing for a longer trip, and need to pack your winter clothing, please visit our packing tips page.

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